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The society's annual fiction publication, The Silent Companion, contains new stories written by Companions, principally for members, although back copies can be purchased by others

To conform to true Dickensian tradition, the magazine appears as close to Christmas as possible.

It provides a platform for established authors as well as emerging writers who are keen to develop their skills in the genre. Feel you have a story waiting to be penned? All companions are encouraged to submit a story, the deadline is the end of May of the year of publication.

We are currently working on The Silent Companion 19. Number 18 will be available to purchase by the general public once 19 has been published.

Recent stories included in The Silent Companion 17 & 18 are shown below:

A Bad Dream By Mark Nicholls
An Angel of Death by Nigel Wilson
The Book Room by Kevin McCann
A Clear Conscience by Colin Westney
A Night in the Morgue by Andy Sawyer
A Note about the Popular Beliefs referring to the Church of Saint Alcino, in Tornal, Viseu by António Monteiro
Walking in Unknown Footprints by Bob Mann
The First Edition by D. J. O’Neill

Mice  by  Katherine Haynes
Salency by Jane Jakeman
A Reflection in Time By Colin Westney
Some shallow, some deep. All dangerous. by Victoria Day
Wind in the Pipes by Laurence Green
Absent Friends by Carole Tyrrell
The Beast by Loretta Nikolic
The Thorpe Afrit by Nigel Wilson
The Golden Cowrie by António Monteiro

A long term Companion
Some of our Companions are very long term members! © L Nikolic

Back numbers of "The Silent Companion" are available for sale to members (£5) and non-members (£9). Non-members can order copies below. 

Digital payment is made by PayPal - but don't worry if you don't have an account, it accepts cards too.

If you are a member or want to pay by cheque, please contact us  in the first instance to calculate postage.  

Out of Print
Please note that editions 1 to 8 (inclusive) and 11 of "The Silent Companion" are now out of print. Issues 9 and 11 are about to be out of print too. Issue 10 has one re-printed page which does not detract from the reading experience.

The Silent Companion Back Issues
The Silent Companion back numbers £9 each for non-members
The Silent Companion back issues
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For purchasers outside of the UK please contact us for a price for international postage.