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There are a number of excellent websites with supernatural inclinations which AGC members and visitors to this site may wish to peruse. They are listed here in no particular order and others will be added as the spirit moves us. Recommendations are welcome.

The Bleeding Horse, Gothic Dublin, The Swan River Pressand The Bram Stoker Society which can all be found at Brian J Showers.com (http://www.brianjshowers.com/).

Supernatural Tales (published by David Longhorn) at http://www.chico.nildram.co.uk/SupernaturalTales.htmland the blog at http://suptales.blogspot.com/.

Tartarus Press at http://homepages.pavilion.co.uk/users/tartarus/ and the comprehensive Guide to Supernatural Fiction on http://supernaturalfiction.co.uk/.

Ghosts and Scholars, a goldmine of information about M.R. James, his life, times, tales and related matters at http://www.users.globalnet.co.uk/~pardos/GS.html.

The Friends of Arthur Machen (FoAM) who can be found at http://www.machensoc.demon.co.uk/.

Haunting Impressions sells wonderful cards illustrated with...haunting impressions. Visit http://hauntingimpressions.co.uk/.

For the ultimate Jamesian performance visit Robert Lloyd Parry and the Nunkie Theatre Company at http://www.nunkie.co.uk/.

Side Real Press (http://www.siderealpress.co.uk) specialises in supernatural and weird literature.

The Sundial Press is at http://www.sundialpress.co.ukwhere you will discover a great range of revived supernatural classics.

The relaunched Sarob Press is at http://sarobpress.blogspot.co.uk where there are several splendid collections, ancient and modern, for your delectation.

We are members of The Alliance of Literary Societies.