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A Ghostly Company, formed in 2004, takes its name from the title of the H. R. Wakefield ghost story collection. It is a literary society devoted to the ghost story in all its forms, with a bias towards the fiction of such writers as M. R. James, Edith Nesbit, Algernon Blackwood, Walter de la Mare, Rudyard Kipling, Charles Dickens, etc. as well as contemporary authors.

We publish a regular newsletter, comprising correspondence, reviews, news of events, etc. and hold meetings, known as Black Pilgrimages at least twice every year. Venues are decided because of links to a writer, or writers, the fact that they have been used as the scenario for stories, or just because we want to go there!
There is also a newsgroup you can join by email for regular updates, information and other tidbits and you can find us on Facebook.

A Ghostly Company publishes an annual fiction journal, The Silent Companion, to which members are entitled to submit their new stories for publication, if they are of an acceptable standard.

Members (who are known as Companions) can participate by attending events, or writing fiction or articles for the Company.  An email group alerts members to information of interest at short notice.
Companions on the 2009 Black Pilgrimage, outside Newcastle's Literary & Philosphical Society within is the haunted 'Silence Room'. ©Antonio Monteiro
'There was something very wrong with this house. I had passed the stage of pretending otherwise, and my inclination was to take my family away from it the next day... I suddenly found myself at the end of the garden, attempting desperately to hide myself behind a rowan tree, while my eyes were held relentlessly to face the door. And then it began slowly to open, and something which was horribly unlike anything I had seen before began passing through it, and I knew It knew I was there, and then my head seemed burst and flamed asunder, splintered and destroyed, and I awoke trembling to feel that something in the darkness was poised an inch or two above me, and then drip, drip, drip, something began falling on my face.'

From, 'The Red Lodge,' in A Ghostly Company by H. R. Wakefield

Has the above quotation piqued your curiosity? Want to know more? Then read on... if you dare!