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On "Black Pilgrimages" we visit places associated with actual ghost stories, the lives of their authors, or which provide inspiration for the creative mind. Just as in the classic, antiquarian ghost stories, churches, cathedrals, manor houses, and other ancient and historic buildings feature prominently in the list of places visited.

Normally two events happen each year. In March 2017 we  held the AGM in Liverpool, took in the sights and met up with Jamesian scholars Rosemary Pardoe and Jim Bryant. A talk on Liverpool ghosts and folklore was given by John Reppion and later we met Ramsey Campbell for a reading of one of his ghost stories. In August 2017, close to the anniversary date of M.R.James birth companions met on a second pilgrimage in Oxford.

Other recent events included in 2016 a Black Pilgrimage and AGM in Cambridge and a tour of Lisbon. Planned events are posted regularly here, facebook and in the newsletter.
2012 dinner
The first gathering (or "Black Pilgrimage," taken from Count Magnusby M. R. James) was held in October 2005 in Great Malvern, Worcestershire and many other places have been visited since that occasion. Any companion can plan an event in his or her local area and extend invitations to the rest of the membership via email and/or the newsletter. An obligatory AGM is held during one Black Pilgrimage each year but we are hedonist enough to place pleasure before business and the latter erodes the former only briefly! Apart from visits to place of interest, we have had book sales, quizzes and film shows with ample opportunity to fill the inner person.